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A Quick Guide on Data Acquisition

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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Understanding Signal Process as Used in Data Acquisition

Data acquisition mainly uses signals to convert data.

Signal processing simply means the amplification and the process of signals themselves and interpret them as usable information. This also deals with modifying, analyzing and manipulating signals. In Data Acquisition, radar signals and images are mainly used to acquire the data needed.

Digital signal processing is mainly used for data acquisition. It process signals and digitize them in order to be read by a computer who will then transform them to usable data. Digital circuits that may be used for data acquisition includes ASICs, microprocessors and computers, FPGAs and any other specialized digital signal processing chipsets.

Monday, November 06, 2006

How Data Acquisition Works

The key component in data acquisition is the presence of sensors. Sensors are also termed as transducers. They convert the measurable physical phenomenon of data they acquire into electric signals. To give you a clear visual explanation of how transducers works in data acquisition, picture out how microphones and (sound energy) and photocells (light energy) works.

Signals for data acquisition may vary according to the transducer used. They may either be analog or digital. At times, data acquisition hardware may need signal conditioning in order to be effectively used. They may need to be deamplified, amplified or filtered.

Data acquisition hardware is what works in between your personal computer and the signals. DAQ hardware can be connected through your computer using parallel, USB or serial ports. You can also use certain kind of cards to be placed in your PC's motherboard slots, which includes the ISA and PCI. These type of cards are also referred to as DAQ cards.

Some key components of a data acquisition card includes:
· multiplexer
· timers

Along with a data acquisition hardware, in order for the DAQ system to work properly, you also need data acquisition software. A DAQ software allows your computer to anlyze the signals that are provided by a data acquisition hardware in order to transform them into usable and comprehensible data.

Saturday, November 04, 2006

An Introduction to Data Acquisition

Data acquisition in its simple terms means the generation of data with the use of a computer. It is also referred to as DAQ or DAS. Aside from the data itself, it also obtains waveforms and signals. These key components are then used to acquire certain information.

One key component of a data acquisition system is a sensor. A sensor can efficiciently convert any measurement parameter into readable electric signals. A data acquisition gadget then acquires these signals and converts them to comprehensible information.

Data acquisition systems may use a number of common programming languages which includes:
· Java
· Lisp
· Pascal
· C
· Fortran

The role of data acquisition system is to analyze, display and to store the acquired data on the users computer.